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Venture capital investors are digging cold plunges and celery juice

June 17, 2024
4 min

Cold plunges, collagen, celery juice, raw veganism, biohacking…the global consumer wellness market is currently at $1.8 TRILLION and growing 5-10% per year.

I love the biohacking/alternative/fitness industry.

Millenials and Gen Z are definitely the ultimate consumers of anything self care.

So for this week’s industry analysis I decided to take a look at the health and fitness industry, with a focus on alternative wellness trends & companies.

Let’s start with some fun facts via Exploding Topics:

🟣 "Oura Ring" search volume has grown 1,550% over the past 5 years.

🟣 "Biohacking" searhes have increased by 515% in 10 years.

🟣 Searches for "forest bathing" have risen 788% over 10 years.

🟣 Search volume for the word "vegan" has increased 84% over the past 10 years.

🟣 Searches for "Strava" have increased over the last 10 years.

🌊 12 Health-Focused Startups Making Waves

1. Meditopia

Expert meditation coaching and content.

⤷Funding: $18.3M (Series A)

⤷Founders: Fatih Mustafa Çelebi

2. Eight Sleep

Manufactures and sells temperature-controlling mattresses and systems.

⤷Funding: $162.1M (Series C)

⤷Founders: Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini, Alexandra Zatarain

3. FitXR

A virtual reality fitness platform.

⤷Funding: $27.8M

⤷Founders: Sam Cole, Sameer Baroova, Chris Cole

4. Asana Rebel

Yoga & fitness company.

⤷Funding: $24.8M (Series B)

⤷Founders: Robin Pratap, Pascal Klein

5. Nurecover  

Develops portable ice baths for cold water therapy.

⤷Funding: Bootstrapped

⤷Founders: Aman Bashir

6. Simple Habit  

Library of diverse content on mindfulness.

⤷Funding: $10.1M (Series A)

⤷Founders: Yunha Kim

7. Fastic

Focuses on unlocking the benefits of intermittent fasting.

⤷Funding: $5M (Seed)

⤷Founders: Sebastian Wettcke, Phillip Wayman

8. Ultrahuman

Offering smart wearable devices to monitor sleep, movement & recovery.

⤷Funding: $25.1M

⤷Founders: Mohit Kumar, Vatsal Singhal

9. wholier  

A plant-based wellness brand offering vegan nutritional supplements.

⤷Funding: Undisclosed

⤷Founders: Lisa Gonzalez-Turner

10. Seed Probiotics

A supplement company that offers a range of high-quality probiotics.

⤷Funding: $40M (Series A)

⤷Founders: Ara Katz, Raja Dhir

11. Gem  

Bite-sized vitamin chews.

⤷Funding: $10.5M (Seed)

⤷Founder: Sara Cullen

12. Spacegoods

Alll-in-one mushroom-based drinks & supplements.

⤷Funding: $3.8M

⤷Founder: Matthew Kelly

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