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How to Get 1M Impressions in 1 Week

June 8, 2024
4 min

Last year I worked with a founder and helped them get 1 million impressions across 3 posts.

I wanted to share with you what we did to do that, because:

Amazing content ≠ immediate growth.

That’s a part of it, yes.

But not the whole story.

And there’s one REALLY important thing that helped a lot (no, not the hook).

Here’s the story:

This founder had a decent following already, however, they had abandoned their account for a long time, and when they started posting again, they were not getting much traction.

So we got down to business:

⚫ 1. Looked back what other posts did well in the past from their account.

⚫ 2. Looked at other accounts with similar posts that performed well.

⚫ 3. Analyzed why we thought all of these posts did well & what we should replicate.

⚫ 4. Picked a trending + educational topic in their niche.

⚫ 5. Used our insights and applied them to the trending topic we were going to write about.

⚫ 6. Nailed the hook (rewrote it several times).

⚫ 7. Made sure their bio was on point.

⚫ 8. Picked the best time to post.

⚫ 9. Here’s the BIG one: we used an “amplification” partner service to help amplify our posts.

There's a monthly fee for this service, and it was SUPER helpful since other smaller + bigger accounts help to boost your organic reach through engagement (which we have now partnered with to offer our clients at EverythingStartups).

This helped with getting the founder's account out of the shadows and into the limelight once again. Fast.

🔶 This is the blueprint we used to help them consistently get massive traction and take off once again.

🔶 Moral of the story: it’s not always just about the content, but a whole lot other things around it that can help you push out your incredible content, because amazing content ≠ immediate growth.

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